40′ Storage Containers

Our 8×40 Storage containers are a larger option for projects requiring more storage space.

When a project demands maximum storage space, our 40 ft storage containers provide durable construction and smart security features to securely store your valuables. These versatile storage containers are perfect for a variety of commercial uses.

Exterior dimensions:

40’ 0″ L x 8’ 0″ W x 8’ 6” H

Interior dimensions:

39’ 9″ L x 7’ 8” W x 7’ 10” H

40′ Storage Container Features:

  • 320 square foot container space
  • Lockable door handles
  • Uniformly painted fleet in beige to blend with surroundings
  • Standard lock box provides additional protection
  • Forklift pockets provided to facilitate movement and stacking

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