Light Towers

The LT6K Series light towers provide the trusted power, operational design,  and performance required in the industry today. It is compact, mobile, and combines features to tackle the demands found in construction, mining, energy exploration, security and event applications.light tower

Our light towers provide total fluid containment, and the trusted Kohler Tier IV (F) engine genset provides exceptional power for lighting and electrical requirements.

  • Superior illumination – is provided by metal halide lamps enclosed in a durable aluminum and steel housing that withstands harsh work environments.
  • Voltage regulation ±6%, brushless design and class H insulation.
  • Minimize work area noise – weather resistant housing emitting only 68dB(A) .
  • Long running times – up to 66hrs. of lighting are possible with the fuel efficient Kohler diesel engine.
  • Heavy-duty mast – features zinc dichromate sections for corrosion resistance, and deploys to a height of 30’.
  • Stable platform – operates up to 65 MPH with outriggers deployed.
  • Easy servicing – quick-check access panels to essential electrical components.
  • Supply External Power – 60HZ model provides convenient 120V & 240V receptacles. (50Hz models available)

Environmentally smart – full fluid containment tub design.

Unit Specifications

Voltage 120/240 V 1Ø
Cycles 60
Mast Specs 30′ (deployed) 360°
Trailer DOT Certified
Wind Stability 65 MPH (w/outriggers)
Support Points (4) Adjustable Jacks
Fuel Capacity 31 Gal 117.34 L
Run Time 64 Hrs
Sound Level 68 Db(A)


Lighting Specifications

Lamp Output 440,000 Lumens
Lamp Type 1kW Metal Halide


Generator Specifications

Generator Power 120V/50A – 240V/25A
Generator Output (Max) 6,600 W
External Receptacles Duplex 120V/15A GFCI (1) NEMA L145-30 125V/240V


Engine Specifications

Engine Make/Model Kohler KDW-1003
Engine Type 3-Cyl./Water Cooled
EPA Certification Tier 4 (F)
Fuel Type Diesel


Dimensions & Weights

Shipping Dimensions 112 x 50 x 72 in
2845 x 1270 x 1828 mm
Operating Weight 1,742 lb 784 kg
Shipping Weight 1,492 lb 671 kg

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