Four-Person Hand Washing Station

When you are expecting high traffic at your work or event site, our four-person portable hand washing station is a perfect fit. The Four-Person Sink Model is the most compact four-person sink on the market. This portable hand washing station fits small spaces but handles large crowds with a 20-gallon capacity. It will fit in most portable restrooms for ease of transportation. Four taps allow up to four guests to wash their hands at once. Like the other models, it comes with soap and paper towel dispensers. A great choice if you are looking for a highly portable model, as it can easily be moved and refilled by a single person. This flexibility makes it ideal for construction sites.

  • portable hand washing station

Portable Hand Washing Station Features include:

  • Capacity: 20-gallon fresh water, 20-gallon grey water
  • Nearly 325 uses per fill-up
  • Hands-free foot pump operation
  • Serves four, but only one person is needed to move it (weighs 60 lbs. empty, 225 lbs. full)


Description Measurement
Height 58 in / 147 cm
Width 22.5 in / 57 cm
Depth 22.5 in / 57 cm
Fresh Water Capacity 20 gal / 76 L
Gray Water Capacity 22 gal / 83 L
Pump Capacity (per stroke) 2 fl oz / 59.14 ml
Number of Dispenses 1280
Soap Dispenser Capacity 4 x 30 fl oz / 4 x 887 ml
Total Soap Dispenser Capacity 120 fl oz / 3,548 ml
Paper Towel Capacity 250 towels per pack.
1000 towels per wash station.
(Four packs of single-fold towels
Georgia Pacific 23504)
Weight Empty 60 lb / 27 kg
Weight Full 226 lb / 103 kg

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