Shower Trailers

Shower Trailers can be used for a variety of different applications including: disaster relief, emergency response, military training, industrial outages, government projects, festivals and filming events.

Event Solutions offers shower trailers in various sizes with multiple stall options to choose from. Our Shower Trailers allow for all the comforts of home. Event Solutions’ transportable showers provide you with the durability and convenience features that get the job done.

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Features of Shower Trailers:

  • Shower head height is 6’5″ from the floor, plenty of space for comfortable showering, no hunching down or leaning over to get under the water.
  • Fold out steps and handrails – Steps are always square and level, NO feet or legs to adjust.
  • Roof vents above each stall – provides constant fresh air ventilation.
  • Shower stalls with curtains
  • 5 gpm shower head
  • Chain pull shower valve
  • Clothes hooks
  • 50 gallon LPG water heaters

Click here to Download 24’ Shower Trailer Specifications

Click here to Download 24’ Shower Trailer Layout

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